Webinar "Digital skills development: towards scalable and sustainable initiatives"

The webinar "Digital Skills development: towards scalable and sustainable initiatives" on 28 November 2023, at 14:00 CET, will be jointly organised by the ETF Network of Excellence (DIGI ENE initiative) and by the ALL-DIGITAL Network.

The on-line event aims at discussing with members of both networks, as well as with other interested participants, how education and training organisations can build digital skills of learners and workers in a scalable and sustainable way. In particular, the webinar aims at focusing on successful upskilling and reskilling strategies and initiatives and at presenting opportunities and tools that they can leverage on.

The on-line event will be in English with interpretation in Arabic and Russian.

If you wish to participate in the online event, please register by the 27th of November by clicking here

After registering you will receive the link to access the meeting.

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Agenda of the webinar