Introductory and training meeting for the participants of the pilot of the International Self-Assessment Tool for Centres of Vocational Excellence (ISATCOVE)

In the framework of the project funded by the European Commission “International dimension of the Centres of Excellence” the ETF has been developing an International Self-assessment Tool for Centres of Vocational Excellence (ISATCOVE). This training event is for VET schools and training centres who wish to pilot Europe’s new self-assessment tool for VET Providers. The event will explain the purpose and rationale of the tool and describe how the pilot will run.  The main purpose of the event is to assist schools and training centres in preparing and planning so that their participation in the pilot is a worthwhile and manageable process for them.  Participants will receive practical advice and planning tools so that they can decide on the scale of their self-assessment, how to manage the process, whom to involve etc.

The first training meeting took place on 24 May, this meeting is a second one of this kind, but for a different group of VET providers, those who will test an English version of the tool. Participants include VET providers from Albania, Germany, Finland, Latvia and Slovenia.

ISATCOVE is a digital tool that helps VET providers reflect upon their development level as a Centre of Vocational Excellence. ISATCOVE offers a framework of criteria and indicators, illustrated by good practice, that defines the levels of vocational excellence that are currently being achieved by CoVEs and other excellent VET providers.  Users select relevant criteria and indicators, which they then use to reflect upon and evaluate their own activities and capacity. Centres are encouraged to involve teachers, students and external stakeholders in their self-assessment process.

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