Good Practice Forum

The Good Practice Forum 2018 will take place from 30 to 31 May 2018 in Turin, marking the final stage of the call for good practice in “Internationalization of SMEs” launched in 2017. Next to awarding good practices and facilitating learning between training providers, ETF’s good practice forum particularly aims at promoting a structured dynamic between the good practice training providers and policymakers. The aim is to determine what policy can learn from good practice.
With training experts from EU and its partner countries, ETF has elaborated a good practice scorecard and an assessment framework involving peer reviews of training programmes. Following a pilot period 2012-2014, the first call for training practice was launched in 2015.
The forum will bring together training providers and policymakers from EU and ETF partner countries including SBA coordinators/focal points from Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, Kosovo, Macedonia, Albania, Turkey, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt and Palestine.