Adapting to a changing skills demand

Monday, 21 June 2021: 10.30 - 12.30

Global trends are transforming the way we work, learn and live and the skills we need to thrive in this fast-evolving context. What does this mean for people? How can education and training systems accompany them in developing the ‘right’ skill sets throughout their lives?

We move towards a world where people will need to become worker-learners in a rapidly evolving landscape. With multiple and longer careers, lifelong learning will be crucial to strengthen an individual’s employability and to accompany social advancements.

Digital literacy and the ability to understand and apply technology to practical solutions is becoming a must across all jobs and all sectors, as well as life outside work. Environmental awareness will also need to become a core skill, alongside digital skills, as every workplace and job has the potential, and the need, to become greener.

Rapid change generates skills gaps and fuels the growth of an alternative workforce, as businesses increasingly bridge the gap with short-term workers, freelancers, independent contractors, consultants, on-demand workers, and people working in side jobs. Learning to learn, entrepreneurial and career management skills are becoming increasingly important to boost resilience and adaptability. More agile, responsive and accessible skills intelligence is needed to facilitate informed decision-making by institutions, businesses and individuals.


  • Stimulate a common reflection and discussion on how education and training systems can accompany individuals throughout their lives in this new diffuse and dynamic environment.
  • Bring the perspective of individuals on how to make the multiplicity of new profiles and pathways visible, recognised and supported by the learning system.

Adapting to a changing skills demand - Video