Digital skills & learning

As the world becomes ever-more digital, vocational education and training practitioners are exploring the potential of digital learning environments. Reviewing existing curricula helps to ensure the provision of relevant digital skills and competences in the fast changing world of work.

The influence of digital and online learning is rapidly spreading, improving access to skills, opportunities and resources for innovative teaching and assessment practice. At national level, we support policymakers in our partner countries to design and implement digital skills and digital and online learning strategies that support a systematic and coherent approach to improve vocational education and training systems. We work with partner countries on the reform of national curricula standards with a focus on digital and entrepreneurship as key competences for lifelong learning.

At the school level, and together with the partner countries, we explore the application of EU digital reference frameworks as a diagnostic tool for improving the digital readiness and advancing teachers’ digital competence. Promoting a bottom-up participative approach, we also support pilot projects to develop digital skills for teachers and trainers and promote online collaboration, networking, including sharing of EU and international good practices.

For example, we recently piloted the use of a self-assessment tool for digital competences, developed by the EU Joint Research Centre. Working with one of our partner countries, we introduced and adapted the tool as a means of assessing digitally competent organisations. Policy makers plan to extend the pilot to all vocational education and training schools in the country, to identify strengths and weaknesses in the digital and online learning policy environment.

The ETF also actively contributes to the EU and international dialogue regarding effective integration of digital technologies in education and training, and the development of digital skills and competence standards.