Excellence in self assessment

In order, to understand better the needs and ambitions of its members, the ETF’s Network for Excellence (ENE) has developed a Self-Assessment Framework.

The Framework will enable ENE members to to establish a baseline for their own development according to a set of dimensions and levels which are shared by the network. In relation to this baseline CoVEs can establish their priorities and actions taking into account their aims and environments.  The framework will permit CoVEs to review their progress over time.

The self-assessment exercise will also make it possible to analyse and track the state of development of the network in aggregate – in order to identify needs, to plan support services and to broker cooperation.  Regular data collection and progress analysis will be possible from a number of view points, for example, by country, by sector, by starting point and by dimension allowing possibile identification of impact depending where the CoVEs act or participate.

Over time, it will be possible to examine which dimensions and which indicators are most relevant to network members.  In this way, the Framework will help members of the ENE to develop a better understanding of the opportunities and trajectories available to CoVEs. 

Design and testing

The Framework was designed by ETF taking into account existing frameworks, self-assessment tools and research.  The draft tools were critically reviewed by ETF and external experts, and tested and reviewed by CoVEs in EU Member States and in ETF’s partner countries.  The Framework has been translated into French and Russian and converted into an on-line self-assessment tool which simplifies the assessment process and provides scores for each dimension and the overall score.

Knowledge Development

The results from analysis will be shared with the Network and reviewed.  This is likely to lead to improvements in both the design of the criteria and the process of implementation.  The analysis will inform the future development of the ETF Network of Excellence.


The selection of Dimensions is not exhaustive but selected provisionally as the most relevant to ENE.  In the future, it is planned that additional dimensions will be added.  The ENE is developing other tools and instruments that support, in greater detail, the development of particular dimensions, for example, work-based learning and the spirit of enterprise.

Currently the dimensions are:

A.      Education-business collaboration and cooperation 

B.      Pedagogy and professional development 

C.      Autonomy, institutional improvement and resources 

D.      Lifelong learning in VET

E.       Smart specialisation – mobilising innovation, ecosystems and SMEs 

F.       Industry 4.0 and digitalisation 

G.  Going green – supporting sustainable goals  

An additional section has been created that addresses Leadership and Coordination.  The ENE aims to support both the development and the transmission of excellence.  This section particularly addresses transmission and sharing.


The first round of self-assessment was launched in Autumn 2020.  Individual CoVEs receive feedback immediately.