Community of Innovative Educators

Community of Innovative Educators

Boosting teaching innovation through knowledge sharing and collaboration

Tato stránka je k dispozici rovněž v jazyce

The European Training Foundation issupportingan internationalcommunity of innovative educators, aiming to discuss, validate, promote and adoptinnovative teaching and learning practicesamong teachers, trainers and other education professionals.    

Through the community, educators can get: 

  • Visibility and recognition for your innovative work 
  • New national and international contacts 
  • Knowledge about existing innovative teaching approach 
  • Participation in international projects  

All educators interested in new teaching and learning practices are welcome to join, particularly from the countries where the ETF works. This includes general subject teachers, vocational and technical teachers, practical instructors, school principals, educational theorists, adult educators, mentors, teacher trainers and education solution providers. The community is aimed at all educators  interested in innovation in teaching and learning, whether they are recognised or not for their innovation. 

The community is hosted on OpenSpace, the ETF's knowledge sharing platform