Skills and migration

Migration is growing, becoming more diverse and complex, leading to greater demands on policy. The ETF is working to raise awareness of the potential to develop and implement skills-related measures to support migrants and improve outcomes for receiving countries, countries of origin, and migrants themselves. We have developed wide-ranging experience and evidence relating to the planning, implementation, and evaluation of migrant support measures from an employment and skills perspective, commonly referred to as MISMES. A global inventory of MISMES and several country reports have been produced.

The ETF liaises closely with the EU Delegations, offering general advice on MISMES and providing expertise on implementing skills-related actions included in Mobility Partnerships between the EU and the partner countries. Mobility Partnerships aim to bring coherence and stability to migration from sending countries, and are seen as an important factor in EU migration policy. A growing number of the ETF’s partner countries have signed, or are negotiating, Mobility Partnerships.