Transition to work

The ETF undertakes regular monitoring of the labour market and employment situation in each of our partner countries and has mapped policies supporting youth transition in a number of partner countries. The results inform EU led initiatives and programming at national and regional level, and are shared with stakeholders and specialists in the wider human capital development field to support youth employability. 

Young graduates and early school leavers face significant challenges in making the transition from education and training to the labour market. Not only are they less likely to have gained much work experience, but they are also less experienced in job search methods and often lack interview and presentation skills. When they do find a job they encounter higher rates of turnover than older workers. Without efforts to support and sustain early labour market entry, young people can face long spells of unemployment. Vulnerable groups, such as those with the lowest levels of educational attainment, are particularly at risk.   This scenario impacts negatively on the individuals concerned and on the economy and society as a whole both in the short and long term.

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