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The ETF cooperates with and complements the work of the European Commission and the European External Action Service, including responding to requests from the Delegation of the European Union to Turkey, contributing to the EU-Turkey bilateral policy dialogue.

The ETF gives input to EU policy monitoring mechanisms on VET, employment and social inclusion including an annual assessment of Turkey’s Economic Reform Programme, and wider human capital developments reported in the Torino Process. It supports sector policy dialogue and donor coordination.

ETF support to Turkish institutions and stakeholders relates to the rolling out of Turkey’s Education Vision 2023 for the TVET and lifelong learning sectors, employment, work-based learning quality assurance framework including cost-benefit analysis of apprenticeships, the Turkish Qualifications Framework and the validation of non-formal learning, and skills for the future in certain sectors.

The ETF provides expertise and collaborates closely with public/private institutions in the areas of human resource development in Turkey including an interinstitutional high-level public-private steering group, operationally strategic national coordination structures and technical working groups.

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