ETF campaign offering support during COVID-19 crisis

#LearningConnects all of us, beyond geographical limits and crisis.  

The world is facing an unprecedented crisis: social distancing measures to combat COVID-19 are having a massive impact on education and training, everywhere. Schools and training centres have had to close from one day to the next.

To help people deal with this unprecedented challenge and ensure that learning continues to connect individuals and institutions, we have launched an initiative focusing on how education and training systems, businesses, schools, teachers, students and their families can adapt to the challenges of teaching and learning at a distance, often using unfamiliar and untried technology and imperfect systems and infrastructure. 

What are the features of the campaign?

1. Share your story with us so that we may share it with a wider community and connect you to our learning networks. See more on how to contact us.

2. A regular mapping in our partner countries on the measures in place in their education and training systems to cope and respond to the impact of the pandemic. See the reports attached below.

3. Live interviews on ETF Facebook with a range of stakeholders in the public, private and civic spheres at local, national and international levels on a range of critical themes in education and training and skills development during this emergency period.

4. Webinars on our OpenSpace virtual community on specialist themes to help professionals working in education and training deal with the various challenges arising during the pandemic. 

More information

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