Teachers today: Shaping the future

Innovative, open-minded teachers are pivotal to learning environments that are creative and inclusive. Teachers who are able to cultivate and nurture young people with skills and self-efficacy will help them find solutions to today’s challenges and create a prosperous and more sustainable future for tomorrow. Updated, relevant and caring education and learning systems can have an increased impact when delivered by teachers who have been supported to renew their own knowledge and enhance their expertise and competences. Valuing teachers and providing them with the right support and tools is therefore an essential part of the education and training equation.

The European Commission has set out a vision for a European Education Area by 2025–30 which focuses on teachers, as well as quality education, inclusion and gender equality, green and digital transitions, and higher education, all contributors to building a stronger Europe in the world.

Working in the EU’s neighbouring regions with a wide range of stakeholders (including policy-makers, practitioners and actors from the public, private and civic spheres), the ETF is engaged in developing teaching and learning, in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.