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Skills for a changing world – ETF communication campaign

Lifelong learning and skills development are not optional for citizens, workplaces and societies in a rapidly and dramatically changing world. They are essential to innovate economies and societies and exploit the green and digital transitions, prepare people for the continuous changes they can expect to their work, lives and the world around them, whether through upskilling and reskilling, active labour market measures for youth employment, or measures to ensure fair labour migration.

Personal, social and technical skills are needed to keep pace and interpret the world around us so that no one is left behind or alienated – which is especially important at a time when democratic processes are under threat through misinformation and disinformation.

Throughout May and June 2023, the ETF’s communication campaign focuses on activities, challenges and success stories for developing the skills needed in our changing world.

Drawing upon the EU's priorities for skills development, which have received an added impetus with 2023 being declared the European Year of Skills, the European Training Foundation is engaging with countries in the EU's neighbouring regions to support them in their education and training system reform efforts – through:  

  • policy advice and targeted actions in response to countries’ needs;
  • support for social dialogue;
  • multistakeholder partnership building for good governance; and
  • networks for good practice sharing and peer learning, such as the innovative educators and the ETF Network for Excellence.

Regular system level monitoring and evaluation of policy reform through the Torino Process and other frameworks, and support for policy adaptation underscore all our actions.

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