Country cooperation

Country cooperation

Ever since its inception by the EU as a specialized agency in the area of vocational education and training (VET) more than a quarter a century ago, the ETF has focused its efforts on supporting partner countries in the development and reform of their education and training systems in cooperation with a multitude of partners and stakeholders at the national, European and international level.

The ETF’s communication campaign in July and August highlights the elements of country cooperation, which gives it importance and value to ensure we fulfil our mandate.

ETF is in a unique position as the only European Community Agency working within the external relations strengthening ties with governments, social partners and civil society in the field of education and training and employment within a lifelong learning perspective. We also work to enhance cross-country and cross-region cooperation for mutual benefit and constructive learning for all actors, be they teachers, learners, schools, vocational training centres, enterprises, public, private and civic institutions and communities on the whole.

Whether in Eastern or Southern Neighborhood, the Western Balkans, or Central Asia, the ETF is proud of its various initiatives that target multiple levels, from the curriculum to learning institutions, workplaces, and with wider policy environment through actively contributing to multiple fora and international learning networks.

Consequently, this month's campaign comes as a reminder of the absolute need for enhancing the cooperation within countries and policy ecosystems within our 29 partner countries, in addition to being a valuable opportunity to shed light on what has been successfully achieved in this regard throughout the past period.

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