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  • 2003

    An overview of the highlights of ETF activities in 2003. How ETF activities on the ground can...

  • 2005
    Educational institutions and media professionals need to corporate and cover educational news better, summarises a new handbook released by the ETF. Entitled “Education and media: a partnership for progress,” the publication is a follow-up to a seminar on the role of the media in the distribution of education and training news organised by the ETF.
  • 2004
    The publication, produced for the tenth anniversary of the ETF, includes a full review of the first years of the agency, since its establishment in Turin in 1994, and of its development into the centre of expertise in vocational education and training reform it is today.
  • 2005
    2004 was a momentous year for Europe and for the ETF. The European Union welcomed ten new members, previously ETF's partners, after a decade of hard work and preparations. And in July 2004 Muriel Dunbar took over as director from Peter de Rooij.