Green Skills Awards 2022: winners announced

Green Skills Awards 2022: winners announced

ETF Green Skills Award 2022: the public chooses Croatia’s “The Green Changemakers” as the winners!

9 June 2022 - The European Training Foundation (ETF) has announced the winners of its Green Skills Award 2022 during a live awards ceremony streamed across all ETF’s social media platforms. 

The Green Skills Award is an annual competition which recognises projects from around the world exemplifying innovation and creativity in green skills and education.  This year’s winners, decided by a public vote, are Croatia’s “The Green Changemakers, with Nigeria’s “Operation Skill Them Up voted second, and Kenya’s “Don Bosco Tech Africa voted third. 

The ten finalists shortlisted for this year’s award covered a range of environmental and sustainable issues and all were focused on developing training programmes which supported the shift to sustainable, carbon-neutral and circular economies and societies.  This year’s award, entitled “Green Transition: education, training and skills”, helped to showcase the projects which provide ideas and inspiration for education and training policy-makers and practitioners in the EU neighbourhood and beyond. 

The public vote was opened on 13 May and by the time of closing on 5 June, 3,769 votes had been cast.  In first place, the clear winner is the Croatian project “The Green Changemakers”.  The year-long programme of international collaboration between schools in Croatia, Turkey and Armenia aims to increase awareness and understanding of sustainable development and green technologies, and the public were obviously impressed by the positive impact the project will have at a regional level.  

In second place, is Nigeria’s “Operation Skill Them Up”, an initiative headed up by Goodness Tamuno Kelechi-Ahunanya to teach young people the skills of self-reliance and entrepreneurship by way of recycling and upcycling materials such as plastics and rubber tyres. Its far-reaching objectives aim to involve as many communities and schools as possible, and raise awareness of gender equality, the importance of environmental protection and sustainability.  

In third place, is Kenya’s “Don Bosco Tech Africa”, an important project that includes the construction of a solar-powered centre with close to zero carbon emissions.  It offers the possibility to the region's solar technicians of the future to receive in-depth training and practical green skills and is an exemplary renewable energy solution to support the regional green transition.  

The ten shortlisted projects, pre-selected by ETF’s experts from a total of 64 applications, were profiled on the ETF website, each supported by an ETF-produced video.  Two of the projects, Albania’s “City of My Dreams” (voted 4th) and Georgia’s “Environmental and Agricultural Education in School” (voted 7th) were selected for consideration at the European Commission’s Vocational Education and Training Excellence Awards 2022. Georgia went on to be the successful project, winning a special mention. 

The award ceremony for the winners took place on 9 June at 15.00 CET, as part of an ETF Learning Connects live stream across all ETF social media platforms 


The ETF has prepared a Press Kit containing information and images related to the Green Skills Award 2022

Green Skills Award 2022 full list of finalists 

Green Skills Award Finalists 2022 - YouTube 

1st place - Croatia, The Green Changemakers   

2nd place - Nigeria, Operation Skill Them Up  

3rd place - Kenya, Don Bosco Tech Academy  

4th place - Albania, The City of My Dreams   

5th place - Ireland, Fifty Shades Greener