Covid-19 outbreak in Italy

ETF working procedure

Last updated on 17th April at 11:00 CET

Since the start of the COVID-19 outbreak, the European Training Foundation has activated its crisis management plan and set up a Crisis Management Team, led by ETF Director Cesare Onestini.

  • The European Training Foundation is an agency of the EU supporting the EU’s external relations. It is based in Turin, Italy, and employs 130 people, including interim staff, from 26 nationalities.
  • The Agency is strictly complying with the instructions of the Italian regional and national authorities and following the guidance of the Agency’s medical advisor, the Italian health authorities, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC), the EU Inter-Institutional Medical Board and the World Health Organisation. All decisions taken are regularly shared with the Chair of the ETF Governing Board, Mr Joost Korte, Director-General of DG Employment
  • In general, the ETF has applied the precautionary principle to ensure that risks are minimised, even beyond the legal requirements.
  • The ETF is carefully following all indications included the Decrees on COVID-19 released by the Italian Government. In detail, the following precautions have been taken applicable until 3rd May:
    • The ETF building is closed. No staff are on-site and/or is allowed to access the building for any reason.  Only the guards continue to be on-site. The IT helpdesk is being provided remotely;
    • All staff must telework;
    • All ETF Events in Turin and abroad are cancelled;
    • All missions are cancelled;
    • All the above decisions will be reviewed and extended in light of decisions of Italian authorities in the coming days;
    • All media enquiries regarding COVID-19 management by the ETF should be addressed to Daria Santucci (+39 366 9639638)


  • The ETF Crisis Management Team will continue to monitor the situation and share any update through email.


The ETF staff is supported to deal with the COVID-19 virus outbreak, as follows:

    • All staff is reminded of all the measures in place in case of suspected symptoms;
    • All staff is invited to consider the advice concerning avoiding non-essential contacts also for private life.
  • SUPPORT TO HOME WORKING: all staff is supported to proceed with working from home, both through instructions and hardware provision.