Vocational teaching and learning

Innovative educators

Teachers and trainers are the past, present and future of vocational education and training. The ETF works with policymakers, practitioners and stakeholders to support and inspire effective teaching and learning around the world.

The ETF has supported reform in professional development through professional development projects. More recently, the ETF has sought to support vocational teachers and trainers as they have struggled to keep education going through the Covid-19 pandemic.  This has resulted in a tool to help identify the digital training needs of vocational teachers. Currently ETF is seeking to support innovation in teaching and learning through participative research as part of the Creating New Learning Initiative and helping to develop new profiles for vocational teachers for the future.

An international survey of vocational teachers and trainers was carried out in 2018 which helps policy makers to get a better understanding of the perspective of vocational teachers and school principals in nine countries.  A comparative study was published in 2021: Listening to vocational teachers and principals.

The ETF has published guidance and handbooks to support the use of digital video in vocational teaching and in professional development.

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Evaluation of ETF activities in improving continuing professional development of vocation teachers