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Link and synergies with on-going regional activities

Enlargement countries are preparing for IPA 2012-2013 and coordination with on-going activities at national and regional level will be ensured, so that the project can also benefit from running and existing experiences in the area. In particular, for all components the project team will liaise with bodies such as the World Bank, the OECD and the Regional Cooperation Council. In particular, specific synergies will be sought while defining a monitoring system for HRD and when discussing issues and results at regional level benefitting for example from experiences of the World Bank projects (‘Update on World Bank support to Monitoring and Evaluation frameworks’ and ‘Forthcoming partnership on Inclusive Employment and Social Development’), the South East Europe Investment Committee (SEEIC) and other initiatives that are being consulted. In particular, the process of transferring the SEEIC to RCC will be one of the main driving factors to speed up the SEE 2020 development process toward a closer integration and convergence with the European Union.

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