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Work-based learning: A pathway to success

Thematic Area: ; Employment and Employability
Year/Date: 29/06/2016


Short-term investment for long-term benefit! That’s how Alexandra Costa Artur describes apprenticeship. She should know! She was involved in a European study into the cost-effectiveness of apprenticeship schemes from the employers’ perspective.

Alexandra shared the findings at the ETF’s 'Skills Connexion' workshop for VET policy makers and employer groups from the Eastern Partnership region - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine and Kazakhstan.

“ETF partner countries can learn from our project that a short-term investment is a long-term investment that really support business. For example, what we find is that apprenticeship is less expensive that the recruitment process.”

Apprenticeships, internships, on-the-job training, work-placements and simulated companies are forms of work-based learning, an important part of vocational education and training reform.

Promoting work-based learning policy development and implementation is central to the ETF’s Skills Connexion project. Participating countries are mapping and reviewing work-based learning schemes and identifying the best ways to move forward.

The latest workshop was an opportunity for participant to discuss key issues and challenges and share best practice. They also had an opportunity to visit three Italian companies – Florette Italia, Bracco Spa and Sant’ Andrea textile machines – to see work-based learning in action.

The cost-effectiveness of apprenticeship schemes - Making the case for apprenticeships study included 15 countries in Europe, covering the in the ICT, commerce and engineering sectors. It was conducted by a collaboration of business, industry and employer groups. For more information, read the final report here.

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