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VET high on the agenda in Ukraine

Thematic Area: ; VET Governance
Year/Date: 07/12/2016


Vocational education and training and skills are key to supporting economic growth in Ukraine. The government re-affirmed this during a recent ETF workshop on the topic of decentralisation and multi-level governance in VET.

Deputy Minister for Education and Science Pavlo Khobzey welcomed the ETF Green Paper to support the development of a modernised system, agile and responsive to new opportunities, the changing economy, and able to equip learners with the right skills to find quality jobs.

Key stakeholders from education, regional development, trade unions and VET institutions agreed that the time is now to improve the strategic vision of VET in Ukraine, taking advantage of the ongoing legislative review.

In this context, the ETF Green Paper supports the operationalisation of decentralisation and good multi-level governance. This approach sees the regions playing a key role in shaping and providing a VET offer that supports their economic development. As highlighted during the event, it is in the regions where change happens.

The ETF Green Paper is the starting point for the existing network to continue working together to address many challenges, including the need for an analytical framework to support VET decentralisation, a review of roles and responsibilities at national, regional and local levels, discussions on options for VET funding, and the role for public- private partnerships.

The critical role of VET for delivering the right skills to support economic growth and competitiveness is high on the political agenda in Ukraine.

Find out more on the ETF YouTube channel here. 

The ETF’s Torino Process, Inventory of VET Governance arrangements and PRIME provide in-depth analysis of the VET system to support informed policy making.The ETF’s ongoing work In Ukraine supports the New Skills Agenda and the first European Vocational Skills Week.

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