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Uzbekistan is the region’s most populated country with more than 30 million people. The country is seeking to diversify the economy and take advantage of international trade. Unemployment is very low as Uzbekistan provides graduates with their first job. Vocational education and training (VET) colleges account for approx. 90% of secondary education. Uzbekistan considers Vet to be a foundation for education and personal development a source of skills and competencies required in employment and a contributory factor in social cohesion by ensuring that young people enjoy equitable access to skills.
Since 2012, the direction of VET policy has moved away from the development of infrastructure – the construction of professional colleges and expanding the numbers of trained vocational teachers – towards a stronger emphasis on quality, content and support for employability. The sector has seen an increased flexibility in the delivery of the vocational curriculum, adapted to meet local business and industry needs.
Other key developments since 2014 include:
• updated materials – all VET schools are provided with the raw materials needed to support subject disciplines
• prioritising development of new curriculum materials
• new methodical centre



• Closer cooperation between business and education to promote employability
• Establishing a National Qualification Framework
• Continuing Professional Development for VET teachers and trainers
• Torino Process
• Providing expertise for Qualification Frameworks stocktaking, reporting and studies
• Leading national and peer learning seminars in Quality Assurance
• Education & Business Cooperation with the British Council, (work-based learning, VET innovations and sector skills councils)
• Support to the European Commission VET and employment rural development sector (2014–2020)


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