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Ukraine is one of the fastest aging countries in Europe. Anticipated skills shortages, low levels of labour mobility, informal employment and skills mismatch, are affecting labour market development.
Addressing issues of skills and lifelong learning through vocational education and training (VET) is a priority. With a view to training a competitive workforce, training and practical centres dedicated to the introduction of innovative technologies are being set up with the assistance of social partners. Work is underway to address demand for specialists and skilled workers, better understand the cost of training skilled workers and improve the professional development of VET teachers and trainers.
Ukraine is actively engaged in promoting the concept of entrepreneurship, with programmes to create favourable conditions for SMEs, and the Small Business Act for Europe (SBA) guiding development of entrepreneurship. Further, the National Qualifications Framework implementation is underway. The Federation of Employers established the Institute of Professional Qualifications, which in turn set up five sector skills councils.


• Develop strategic vision for VET with optimised provision, finance and governance
• Implement NQF more effectively, review qualifications for priority sectors and systematically introduce lifelong learning
• Develop systems to improve the identification and monitoring of skills needs to address mismatch
• Ensure policy measures are in place to increase the formal employment options for recent graduates


ETF’s Role

• Torino Process - support the Ministry of Education and Science in expanding to 25 regions
• Support moves to create more permanent conditions for initiating and sustaining VET system development
• Develop a shared strategic vision for why Ukraine needs VET (alternative and diversified financial resources and expert support to ensure the development of VET in all 25 regions)
• Help the regions manage their own initiatives to better serve the students, social partners and communities in a decentralised context
• Develop a project on good multilevel governance for VET with the aim of implementing decentralisation processes in Ukraine
• A skills anticipation and employability project developing a skills anticipation methodology
• Support moves towards holistic approach to NQF for lifelong learning and validation of non-formal and informal learning
• Expertise inputs for the development of key competences in entrepreneurship
• Support to the EU Delegation

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Margareta Nikolovska, +39 (0)11 630 2226, e-mail:

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