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Torino Process

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The Torino Process launched in 2010 is a biannual participatory analytical review of the status and progress of vocational education and training in the ETF partner countries. The objective of the Torino Process is twofold: to acquire up to date knowledge about the policies and their results in a country; and to strengthen the ownership, participation and evidence-base of policy making to improve the performance of policies.

In 2012, the second round of the Torino Process was implemented by 27 of (the then) 31 ETF partner countries, involving multiple stakeholders at different governance levels and functions.

More specifically, the Torino Process is a vehicle for:

  • developing a common understanding of a medium-term vision, priorities and strategy for VET development, exploring possible options for implementing this vision and/or making further progress;
  • designing and evaluating home-grown and affordable VET policies, based on evidence or knowledge and collaboration;
  • updating the analyses and achievements at regular intervals;
  • providing opportunities for capacity development and policy learning within and among partner countries and with the EU;
  • empowering countries to better coordinate the contributions of donors to achieving agreed national priorities.

In addition, the Torino Process informs the ETF’s recommendations to the EU’s external assistance instruments and serves as a basis for the design of the ETF’s support strategy to partner countries.

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