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Torino Process: Update Moldova

Year/Date: 06/10/2016


Work-based learning, legislative reform and the national qualification framework – some recent developments discussed at the latest Torino Process meeting in Moldova.

The Torino Process is the ETF’s flagship programme to improve vocational education policies, systems and outcomes in the partner countries, bordering the European Union.

Moldova’s Deputy Minister of Education Cristina Boaghi joined colleagues from the ministries of education, labour, internal affairs and finance as well as vocational education experts, practitioners, statisticians and other stakeholders for the workshop in Chisinau.

“This discussion marks an important milestone for the contribution to the next steps for VET reform in the Republic of Moldova,” she told participants, who explored actions and priority areas moving forward.

Torino Process coordinator Vera Chilari, from the Ministry of Education, shared an update on developments in VET, including Moldova’s move towards a dual system of vocational education, based on the successful models in Austria and Germany.

The conclusions of the workshop will feed into Moldova’s Torino Process report, to be finalised ahead of the international conference in June 2017.

To learn more about the Torino Process watch the short animation on the ETF YouTube channel here.

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