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Torino Process: National roll outs continue

Thematic Area: ; VET system assessment
Year/Date: 27/04/2016

Torino Process kick off in Azerbaijan

The Torino Process launches in Azerbaijan. Jordan and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia get the ball rolling in Turin.

National roll out

The Torino Process officially launched in Azerbaijan on 21 April 2016. The launch brought together stakeholders from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Labour and Social Protection, Ministry of Economy, Ministry of Agriculture, State Statistical Office, Institute of education issues, National Confederation of Entrepreneurs. The Ministry of Education of the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic is also part of the working group.

At the launch, Mr Famil Mustafayev, Advisor to the Minister, introduced the main areas of analysis of the Torino Process and Ms Nigar Ismayilzade, Head of the initial vocational education and training division and coordinator of the Torino Process, presented the main results from the last two rounds, stressing the importance of working towards more tangible results. ETF staff were also present.

‘The Torino Process is a policy analysis mechanism to better inform strategy development in vocational education,’ said Mr Famil Mustafayev, advisor to the Minister of Education.

The occasion was also an opportunity to announce the government's approval of the new VET Agency which is the VET coordinating body within the Ministry of Education. The creation of the VET agency was one of the priorities which emerged from the 2014 round of the Torino Process.

Ms Nigar Ismayilzade said, ‘The Torino Process 2014 identified priorities that have been followed up and one of them was the creation of a body to better coordinate VET policy development, and the VET Agency was approved yesterday. For 2017 round of the Torino Process we look forward having very tangible results.’

First steps

Torino Process coordinators and representatives from Jordan and the former Yugoslav Republic were in Turin to take the first steps on the 2016 round. The visit was an opportunity to share experiences and priorities and hear how other coordinators and countries are approaching the process.

Bringing people together is at the heart of the ETF's way of working and involving a broad range of stakeholders is essential in helping countries to take ownership of the Torino Process - the vehicle the ETF uses to engage participating countries to improve VET.

For more information about the Torino Process and how it works, watch the short film here.

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