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The social dimension of EU enlargement

Year/Date: 31/01/2018

regional conference on the contribution of economic governance to decent work and life in the Western Balkans and Turkey is taking place today in Belgrade. The event supports joint governance efforts by the EU and enlargement countries on reforms for improving the economic and social situation of all citizens in the Western Balkans and Turkey.

As the economic governance process for EU enlargement countries is entering its third year in 2018 and reform implementation is advancing, the conference takes stock of the achievements and experiences gained so far. Based on this stocktaking, the conference will help to develop a mid-term perspective for further strengthening and accelerating the delivery of reforms beneficial to work and life of all citizens in the region, with a strengthened focus on reform implementation and measurable outcomes.

The conference starts with a snapshot of significant recent employment and social trends in the Western Balkans and Turkey, followed by three thematic sessions on the most pertinent and common challenges of the countries and a panel discussion on the delivery of reforms through economic governance. At 17:15 the ETF's Director, Cesare Onestini, will address the audience with conclusive remarks.

Follow the conference "Boosting the social dimension – the contribution of economic governance to decent work and life in the Western Balkans and Turkey" on social media using the hashtag #EUWBTRSocial

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