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Spotlight on Riga in Vienna

Thematic Area: ; VET quality assurance
Year/Date: 16/11/2016


ETF partner countries are working to align quality assurance mechanisms in vocational education and training to the European framework known as EQAVET. Specialists from partner countries in South Eastern Europe and Turkey have been meeting in Vienna to discuss progress.

The three-day workshop was a chance to share best practice and learn first-hand from the Austrian example. Through site visits to VET provider institutions, participants saw how robust quality assurance mechanisms adhere to national standards.

They also spent time developing the VET Quality Assurance Forum, which the ETF intends to launch in 2017.

Quality assurance frameworks are an important tool for effective VET systems. Developing these mechanisms in lne with EQAVET is part of the so-called ‘Riga Conclusions’ –five priority areas for VET (2015-2020).

Implementation of the medium-term deliverables, agreed by ministers in charge of VET in EU and EU candidate countries, will help to improve the status, quality and impact of VET.

‘The workshop enabled us to pool regional good practice, with that of Austria, Croatia and Slovenia, and to learn from each other for mutual benefit,’ says ETF expert Elizabeth Watters.

The ETF VET Quality Assurance conference was organised in co-operation with ARQA-VET Österreichische Referenzstelle für Qualität in der Berufsbildung.

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