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Human resource development is the starting point for Russia’s 2020 economic development strategy. There is a focus is on education, including the modernisation and internationalisation of VET. The department for VET policies responsible for legislation, policy development, and monitoring, is operational since 2012 under the Federal Ministry of Education and Science.

The Russian Federation comprises 83 federal regions, which differ in terms of autonomy. The provision and funding of VET is mostly decentralised to the regions, which have unequal means and varied interest in maintaining and developing VET, placing a risk on overall quality.

Russia intends to address the shortage of qualified personnel by modernising VET governance, resources and quality assurance to ensure better provision.
This process includes restructuring the network of VET institutions in the regions.
The mismatch of skills is a problem, highlighted in the Torino Process report and the European Business Association representing the enterprises active in Russia.
Since 2008, a National Agency for Qualification Development has been working at methodological level. A special programme to develop expertise on qualifications is established and 800 professional standards are to be used as a basis for a national qualifications framework (NQF).



• Create a shared space for VET methodology development (methodological guidance, teacher training including internships)

• Develop mechanisms for implementing public-private partnerships at the federal, regional, and institutional levels

• Promote inclusive VET

ETF’s role

• The ETF provides support for policy analysis and expertise to the following regions: Moscow city, St Petersburg city, the Leningrad region, the Mari-El region, the Orenburg region.
• Ministry of Education plans to launch the Torino Process at regional level.
• Internal benchmarking of the Torino Process will be made, and analytical framework developed, including  practical examples from the regions, in order to have a wide range of experiences to share.
• Dissemination of information on EU policies and practices

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Franca Crestani
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