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Regional Consultation on the Follow Up to FRAME Project

Year/Date: 27/06/2014

Regional Consultation on FRAME Project Follow Up

FRAME, a project carried out by the ETF since early 2013, has been helping EU candidate and potential candidate countries develop future-proof skills strategies needed for sustainable economic development. The project is set to end in the second half of 2014. This is why FRAME's main stakeholders gathered at the ETF on 26 and 27 June 2014 to discuss the follow up actions.

The meeting took stock of the results achieved and challenges that emerged during implementation of FRAME initiative in each partner country. Participants agreed that social partners need to be closer involved in policy making, that high-tech and low-tech sectors need to receive equal attention as the majority of the working population is depend on the latter, and that funds for skills development need to be more efficiently allocated.

The delegates discussed how to mainstream initiatives and enhance governance as well as coordinate regional and national efforts to consolidate policy monitoring on skills development.

The second day of the conference concentrated on efforts to pinpoint priority areas for the regional initiative and determine on which sectors of the national economies the concentration of the future FRAME initiative should be emphasised.

Each stakeholder suggested key areas of priority for their respective countries and methods for determining sectors of concentration were shared.

Tarik Ceric, Head of Department for Monitoring and Evaluation of the Directorate for EU Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina, said that “there is low or no monitoring culture within our countries, and this FRAME project will help us to introduce the culture, to strengthen it, to advocate for it, and to create a basis for gradual conversion of the entire public administration into something that should be more active evidence-based policy making”. Ceric underlined that all FRAME countries face similar challenges and in addressing those challenges, this form of cooperation and discussion under a common framework could help to better respond to these challenges.

The FRAME validation event will be held in Tirana on 6 October 2014 with high level representatives from South East Europe and Turkey.

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