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Qualifications platform

Governments and stakeholders in our partner countries are increasingly seeking to make qualifications more relevant to the workplace, as part of efforts to promote lifelong learning and to gain international recognition at a time of globalisation and population mobility. ETF works to assist our partner countries in reforming their qualifications systems as part of the wider modernisation of their education and training systems.

In addition to a general effort to improve the relevance of qualifications, two types of qualifications reforms can be found in partner countries: the increasing use of learning outcomes approaches to define qualifications and the very rapid recent emergence of National Qualifications Frameworks (NQFs) across the European neighbourhood, from the Western Balkans and Turkey to the Mediterranean region to Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

Our activities include support to design and development of countries’ qualifications systems, facilitating regional projects, carrying out studies and research in this field, linking developments in the partner countries to EU initiatives and wider international developments. Our priority is increasingly building capacities for implementation and assisting the countries to lead and control their own reforms.

We work in partnership with national officials, experts, professionals, social partners and other stakeholders in the respective countries.

We also support our colleagues in our partner countries through our new Qualifications Platform, a community of practitioners, experts and officials working on qualifications systems worldwide. The Platform provides information and news on the latest developments in qualifications and qualifications frameworks and facilitates discussion and exchange of expertise on these subjects. 

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