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Professionalisation of VET staff in education and business

Year/Date: 06/12/2016


The professionalisation of vocational education and training staff in the dual system is a critical driver for improving VET systems, and is gaining the increased attention of policymakers, social partners and scientists.

This area was the focus of a recent peer-learning activity to Germany by a delegation from ETF partner countries in Central Asia. The group of policymakers, social partners and scientists from Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan traveled to the industrial R&D hub of Braunschweig/Wolfsburg.

There they discovered more about the German dual system and how to recruit, educate and continuously train staff across the dual system, including policymakers and policy implementors from the education and business sectors.

Participants discussed how legislation is agreed to by social partners and policymakers and saw the system in action with site visits to Niedersächsisches Kultusministerium Hannover, Studienseminar Braunschweig, Chamber of Commerce and Industry Braunschweig, German Trade Union Association, Braunschweig Energy, Vocational colleges Wolfsburg, Volkswagen AG Training centres and Production Wolfsburg.

ETF expert Dagmar Ouzoun says participants were keen to learn what value the companies get from investing in the dual system and taking the lead in VET.

"And they were inspired by how the different actors at different levels work together as one to improve the professionalization of VET staff and the system as a whole!"

Exchanging ideas, information and experience is a powerful way to learn. The ETF coordinates regular peer-learning activities and study visits for delegations from the 29 partner countries to see good practice in action.

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