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Enlargement Region

Pre-accession Region

The ETF continues to support the European Commission and the Western Balkans and Turkey in the Enlargement process focussing on the priorities identified in the Torino Process and HRD Reviews conducted in 2010, 2011 and 2014. The countries in the region are facing a number of challenges. These include the challenge of aligning VET provision with the needs of the labour market at national and local levels, by:

  • improving cooperation with enterprises;
  • reinforcing the capacity of the VET system to promote inclusive societies;
  • strengthening governance systems with broader stakeholder participation in VET system planning and implementation;
  • Improving evidence-based approaches for informed policy making;
  • enhancing permeability between VET and the general education system, and improving portability of skills and quality, including the alignment of education and training with employment systems and policies.

Through policy advice and capacity building support, the ETF will contribute to the challenging reform agenda in the region. The 2012 Torino Process will support the identification of relevant priorities for assistance and should be the basis for an updated participatory diagnosis of VET for the labour market in the countries in the region. The HRD follow-up assessments will inform the revision of the human resource development operational plan for each country for the period 2012-13. They will also inform programming 2014-20. This will be complemented by regular progress reports and any other strategic document requested by the European Commission.

The ETF will further develop its co-operation with regional initiatives such as the HRD Task Force, ERISEE, the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC) and SEECEL in particular on knowledge clusters, the Danube Strategy and in the framework of IPA-Multi-Beneficiary Programmes. This will help to enhance and maximise support in the field of human capital development in the region in the context of the Europe 2020 strategy.

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