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Moving skills forward together: Torino Process 2016

Thematic Area: ; VET Governance; VET quality assurance; Learning and teaching in VET; VET system assessment
Year/Date: 10/02/2016


Vocational education and training specialists from more than 20 ETF countries have joined forces to share project updates and development ideas.

The February workshop in Turin kick-started a new level of cooperation in the Torino Process - the vehicle that engages participating countries to improve VET.

Now in the fourth round, the Torino Process has developed to a point that there are a substantial number of coordinators in overseeing the process in their countries.

It's the first time the Torino Process national coordinators came together to share notes, development ideas and priorities for the year ahead.

“It is good to sit together, analyse and find common ground for future development,” says Iskra Maksimovic, Serbia’s national coordinator.

“The Torino Process is a good vehicle for the development of VET education. Without it, and the ETF, maybe we would not be where we are today."

Kazakhstan recently moved into the self assessment phase of the Torino Process and national coordinator Yelena Zigangirova is keen to hear from more seasoned countries.

“I would like to learn the challenges and problems that they faced so we can try to avoid them, she says.

“The Torino Process has helped Kazakhstan to understand what is going on in policy and vocations systems, what are our strengths and weaknesses, and to monitor the progress.”

ETF expert Mihaylo Milovanovitch described the meeting as a significant new level of cooperation.

“We have the possibility to engage the countries in a different way now because they are aware of what the process is about, what the deliverables can, and cannot, do.”

“This gathering shows that we are a team, despite the fact that we are large geographical area, we are united around the same idea.”

“The ultimate goal is to facilitate action. What we want to see is how can this transform into action into something that makes a real difference for those in the VET system.”

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