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Morocco is a key regional partner for the EU thanks to its stability, volume of trade and population -  forecast to reach 37.5 million in 2020 - and scope of cooperation, including a potential comprehensive free trade agreement.
Strong economic growth, and increases in manufacturing and services places a high demand for a qualified workforce. Despite government policies, economic growth has not translated into quality job creation and youth inactivity and unemployment remain high, approx. 20% (2014).
General education levels are low and dropout rates are high. The vision and National Strategy for VET (2021) sets the objective to achieve: ‘Quality VET for all, throughout life, to support development, valorisation of human capital and competitiveness’. Priorities include: Increased enterprise competitiveness and involvement in work-based learning, improved employability and quality, closer integration of VET and general education and participatory governance. 

Other important developments in VET policy are:

o Continuing VET: new draft law in approval process; new adopted procedures for financing of CVT will incentivise provision;
o Quality assurance in VET: piloted new integrated evaluation system and referential;
o Reinforcement of VET institutes whose management is delegated to the private sector;
o Ongoing development of the NQF and gradual establishment of its institutional settings for implementation.



• Effective implementation of VET strategy, with adequate funding and monitoring
• Improved governance and coordination
• Effective start of implementation of the NQF
• Emphasis on education and skills development for the groups with low skills and high inactivity (such as women, NEET youth) and long-term unemployed

ETF’s Role

• Validated proposals for NQF legal basis, advice on levelling methodology for qualifications in the NQF, advice on NQF institutional setting
• Expertise support in setting roles and functions of VET governance structures foreseen in the VET strategy, and support to the Strategy national steering and monitoring committee
• Torino Process (evidence-based analysis of the VET system)
• Support to EU

For more info, contact ETF Country Desk: Sabina Nari, +39 011 630 2302,



GDP per capita PPP current international

$ 7 821.4 (2015 World Bank)

Employment rate 15+ female

% 22.9 (2011 Haut commissariat au Plan)

Youth unemployment rates female (aged 15-24) (%)

21.4% (2015 Haut Commissariat au Plan)

Gross enrolment rates in secondary education (%)

69.1 (2012 UIS Unesco)

Vocational Education and Training in upper secondary

missing recent data

Total Population (000)

34 378 (2015, UNDP)

Employment rates by sex (aged 15+) (%)

42.8 (2011, Haut Commissariat au Plan)

Youth unemployment rate (aged 15-24) (%)

20.8% (2015 Haut Commissariat au Plan)

School life expectancy

10.49 (2007 - UNESCO)

Students – teachers ratio in Secondary (%)

18.73 (2004 UNESCO)


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