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Making entrepreneurship a viable solution to unemployment in Tunisia

Year/Date: 24/10/2014

entrepreneurship in vocational training centres in Tunisia

Entrepreneurial learning in vocational education and training (VET) is increasingly important for governments as they seek to improve pathways to the labour market for youth. In Tunisia, where youth unemployment is high, entrepreneurship can offer opportunities for the young people to create jobs for themselves and for others. The VET system has an important role to play in supporting this agenda by providing entrepreneurship training and business start-up support.

The OECD, German International Development Agency GIZ and the ETF carried out a review of practices in promoting and supporting entrepreneurship in VET centres in Tunisia, under the auspices of the Ministry for Employment and Vocational Training (MFPE) and Tunisian Agency for Vocational Training (ATFP).

Key findings

The basic framework for entrepreneurship training exists and there is an experience of entrepreneurial learning in VET in Tunisia. However, the activities of several ministries and agencies and other organisations often overlap and lack co-ordination.

The mandates of many organisations in the entrepreneurship eco-system overlap but at the same time are narrowly defined. Their objectives are often based on inputs rather than impacts or outcomes.

The availability of entrepreneurship training for trainers is slowly increasing with new training modules developed by the National Centre for Training for Trainers and Training Development (CENAFFIF). However, there is a need to scale-up this training to build a pool of qualified entrepreneurship trainers.

Recommendations and follow up

The key recommendations from the report is to develop a national strategy for entrepreneurship support in the vocational system and to develop more intensive support for students interested in entrepreneurship.
Based on this assessment the ETF has been supporting the Ministry of Vocational Training and Employment in engaging all VET stakeholders and the donor community to develop an entrepreneurial learning policy in VET in the next few years. This includes collecting good practices, building more effective VET-enterprise cooperation and linking the VET policy to general and higher education.

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