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Local Skills Matter: A journey through Entrepreneurial Communities

Thematic Area: ; Entrepreneurial learning
Year/Date: 09/03/2016

Local Skills

Partnerships that promote growth, competitiveness and cohesion deliver results that exceed expectations. The ETF’s 10 Entrepreneurial Communities demonstrate this.

The transformational change and impact of these communities was the focus of a special international conference, hosted by the European Union’s Committee of the Regions.

Fostering skills, innovation and job creation is at the heart of the ETF project, which kicked off in 2013 in 10 partner countries.

The results? Locals working together, creating new approaches to learning, education and training, delivering relevant skills for the world of work.

For example, the district of Laghouat at the edge of the Sahara desert in Algeria, which boasts a long-held agricultural tradition. Oil and gas extraction and exports, however, has resulted in a shortage of young people willing to engage in farming labour.

The Entrepreneurial Community is addressing challenge faced by older farmers looking for the next generation to take over. Farmer and entrepreneur Mohammed Brik set up the El Argoub Farmers' Association which is working in partnership with the local university to motivate and educate the agriculturalists of the future.

Mohammed, who spoke about the community on the international TEDx stage (listen HERE in French), will share his story at the Brussels’ conference.

So too will the success stories of Algeria, Belarus, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Lebanon, Moldova, Montenegro and Serbia.

The journey continues …

As one chapter of the Entrepreneurial Communities journey concludes, a new one opens – smart territorial development through human capital policies that foster growth, competitiveness and social cohesion. “Smart territories embrace the new era of skills dialogue, and respond to skills needs and gaps leaving no pocket of innovation underutilised,” says ETF Director Madlen Serban.

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