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Lebanon announces new Guidance Employment Office initiative

Thematic Area: ; Learning and teaching in VET; Employment and Employability
Year/Date: 09/12/2015


Graduates of vocational education and training in Lebanon will have a smoother transition into work thanks to a national roll out of Guidance Employment Offices.

Offices have already been set up in six schools under a pilot program supported by the European Training Foundation and development assistance organisation IECD.

They have been helping graduates in the VET system transition into the labour market through job placements, guidance, and general support in seeking and landing a job.

“I now have a job and dignity,” remarked one recent VET graduate from the Arts et Metiers, Dekweneh, Beirut.

Youth employment rates in Lebanon are low at 20 %, while emigration rates are high at 30 %.

Ahmed Diab, General Director of the Vocational and Technical Education – within the ministry of education - says the offices will help to address this.

“Based on the example of this pilot, we intend to mainstream it in all our schools to ease the transition of our graduates from school to work,” he says.

Donors in Lebanon are already keen to ensure the sustainability of the initiative, which is part of the EU funded regional project GEMM, working to promote good multi-governance in the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean region.

More information available in Arabic, English and French:

Pilot Project Leaflet_AR

Pilot Project Leaflet_EN

Pilot Project Leaflet_FR

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