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Along with very low economic activity rates, Jordan has high levels of unemployment, particularly affecting women and youth. While enrolment in the secondary vocational education is slightly increasing, overall participation declined as a percentage of education enrolments. While there is a need for more skilled workers, VET has a low-status image and students prefer to aim at a higher degree, migrate for work or choose unemployment or inactivity while waiting for a job.
The E-TVET Strategy 2014–20 aims to create a more coherent system, including a network of diversified public and private training providers. The sector is governed by an E-TVET Council, through which most key stakeholders are active.  The government established the Centre for Accreditation and Quality Assurance for accreditation, licensing and quality assurance. The centre oversees development of sector-based occupational standards.
The National Employment Strategy promotes the gradual replacement of foreign workers with (skilled) Jordanians, attention to structural unemployment, and upgrading the VET system. Of the 52 projects planned through the strategy, 20 are complete, 18 ongoing, the remaining delayed or stopped.
The government has been promoting investment and innovation in specific sectors and youth unemployment is being addressed through an initiative that combines training, stimulus packages to employers, and SME finance. The Ministry of Labour also launched the National Campaign for Employment in 2013 with the aim of creating 43,000 job opportunities.


• Reinforced VET governance and leadership to strengthen institutional coordination
• Establish a National Qualifications Framework
• Skills anticipation and matching, and achieving increased female employment

ETF’s Role

ETF interventions
• Ongoing support to the EU Delegation
• Conduct a survey of support measures for migrants from an employment and skills perspective, to feed into EU–Jordan Mobility Partnership
• Torino Process
For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Mounir Baati,+39 011 630 2216, email:

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