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In terms of economic performance and human resource development, Israel is among the advanced economies. Israel has a world-class capacity for innovation, a highly innovative business sector and some of the world's best applied research institutions. The share of the population with at least an upper secondary education is well above the OECD average, while tertiary attainment has risen faster than in upper secondary education. Israel ranks fifth among OECD countries in terms of expenditure on education, and compared with the EU benchmarks of Education and Training and Europe 2020 (in education and employment), Israel performs very well in tertiary educational attainment; early school leavers; lifelong learning; and employment.

The majority of secondary education students (60%) enrol in upper secondary education, one-third opt for technological programs and 3% enrol in industrial schools or apprenticeship pathways and VET governance is fragmented.
In 2014, the Ministry of Education launched a reform programme focused on teaching and learning; the impacts of the knowledge economy and of ICT; teachers’ professional development; and training teachers as facilitators rather than instructors, shifting the power from central authorities to the school level, moving towards school empowerment and school-based management and internal and external quality control.


• Strengthen system governance
• Improving dialogue and partnership with the social partners namely employers
• Develop further capacities of the Manufacturers’ Association and the trade union confederation for handling TVET issues
• Strengthen the territorial dimension by actively engaging local authorities and social partners
• Develop a robust labour market information system for skills needs analysis


ETF’s role

• Israel  participates in the ETF cross country and peer learning activities

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Mariavittoria Garlappi
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