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Freedom, peace and solidarity: Europe and the world

Year/Date: 10/05/2016

Europe Day 2016

Raising standards of living was one of the drivers of the creation of the European Union. Almost 60 years later, this objective is at the heart of the new sustainable development agenda.

To mark Europe Day – the anniversary of Robert Schumann’s declaration setting out his vision for a European coal and steel community – the ETF invited its partners from the Turin area for a discussion with ETF staff on how Europe can help achieve this sustainable development agenda.

The ETF welcomed the Mr Yanguo Liu of the International Training Center of the International Labour Organization; Mr Jafan Javan of the UN System Staff College; and Ms Marina Mazzini of the UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute, as well as Mr Daniele Rampazzo, member of the ETF Governing Board; Mr Mohamed Khalil, General Consul of Morocco; and Mr Michael Hindley, former Member of the European Parliament.

The discussion generated a number of conclusions.

The sustainable development goals are ambitious and achieving them will require ambition. In tackling them, it is essential to ensure that economic development also brings social development.

Working alone is one option, but working in partnership is an opportunity. Taking a holistic approach and bringing together different actors and creating opportunities for dialogue is more likely to result in enduring solutions.

Freedom, peace and solidarity are central to European values and the European Union. As a global actor, and working with other global actors, Europe can respond better to international challenges and contribute to peace and prosperity in the world.

The discussion concluded with the proposal from the ETF Director to identify ways to work together to address the sustainable development agenda.


In the photo (left to right): Mr Mohamed Khalil, General Consul of Morocco; Mr Yanguo Liu, ITC-ILO; Ms Marina Mazzini, UNICRI, Mr Jafan Javan, UN System Staff College

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