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Expertise provision

Please be informed that in February 2014 the ETF signed three framework contracts for the provision of expertise in the field of human resource development to support the implementation of its future initiatives in this field.

These framework contracts are intended to cover contracting of specific expertise services to support ETF initiatives in the partner countries covered by its work programme, in fields relating to human resources development.

Expertise input may be required, for example, in terms of:

  • Programming and project design, monitoring and evaluation, impact assessment, dissemination of project results and good practice;
  • Policy analysis and targeted policy advice;
  • Data collection and analysis, report writing, desk research, editing of specialised reports;
  • Capacity building activities such as study visits, training and event facilitation;
  • Translation and interpretation requiring knowledge of specialised terminology, etc.

Work may be at a country, regional or cross-regional level and may require country-specific experience or knowledge.

The contractors will maintain and expand their databases of experts and will be a key source for the ETF in the future sub-contracting of experts.

For those interested in contacting the contractors, the relevant details are provided below:

Transtec SA
Avenue de Tyras, 75 - B – 1120 Brussels
Ms Marie-Astrid Corbisier -

ACE international consultants
Calle Sagunto 17 - 28010 Madrid, España
Maria Garrón, Framework Contract Division´s Director - tel. +34914350184
Zeno Falezza, Senior Project Manager - tel . +34914350184

DMI Associates Development Management International
21 rue Longue, BP 1176 - 69201 Lyon Cedex 01, France
T +33472003590
F +33472003598

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