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Exchange of views at the European Parliament

Thematic Area: ; VET Governance; VET quality assurance; Learning and teaching in VET; Qualifications Systems; Employment and Employability; Entrepreneurial learning; Skills and migration; VET system assessment
Year/Date: 24/02/2016

Madlen Serban at European Parliament

The ETF is helping to build a Global Europe, supporting the soft power of EU diplomacy in the enlargement and neighbourhood countries and Central Asia.

“Human capital development is central to the EU’s relations with its partner countries outside the EU,” ETF Director Madlen Serban told the European Parliament’s Committee on Employment and Social Affairs in Brussels.

“Global implies globalisation, and the ETF is part of the EU’s efforts to civilise globalisation.” The director made the comments as she presented the agency’s work in 2015 and its plans for 2016, covering vocational education and training, migration, skills matching and supporting lifelong learning in the ETF's 29 partner countries.

Speaking on the topic of human capital development, she highlighted that it contributes to stable societies where citizens can have a future in their own country.

“And if they choose to leave home, they can do so in the context of legal circular migration, which should be managed."

Governance is key to achieving this.

"Public policies should be accountable and transparent, and incorporate ethics as well as economics. They should give sense to people and the community and society as a whole.”

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