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Young people aged 15-29 account for close to one third of Egypt’s 90+ million population, a third of which are under 15-years. Egypt has low employment rates, low female participation, high youth unemployment, and many young people emigrate for work. Agriculture and service sectors dominate, employing around ¾ of the population. Participation in VET is high: 57%, or 1.6 million students in 2011-12, compared to 1.2 million in general secondary schools.
In 2015, a new Ministry of Technical Education and Training was created, but was subsequently abolished following the change of government. In terms of vision and implementation, there’s a shift in the VET policy agenda towards a more employment and demand-oriented VET vision. However, efficiency of TVET is still considered low. Responsiveness to labour market needs and the attractiveness and quality of TVET need to improve, and the capacities of ministries, agencies, and other stakeholders in TVET to be enhanced.


• Develop a vision and strategy for VET, including a national qualifications framework (NQF)
• Increase the quality of provision and professional development for VET teachers and trainers
• Increase the responsiveness of VET to the labour market and involvement of employers in VET
• Strengthen entrepreneurial education

ETF Role

• Support to the EU Delegation
• Support to Programme Implementation Unit – reviewing TVET financing system
• Involving private sector in the NQF
• Monitoring progress of qualifications elements

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