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Building pathways to skills and jobs for youth in Turkey, with focus on youth not in employment, education or training (NEET)

Building pathways to skills and jobs for youth in Turkey, with focus on youth not in employment, education or training (NEET)

On 18-19 November 2015, a joint workshop will be organised by the Ministry of Labour and Social Security (MoLSS) of Turkey in cooperation with the European Training Foundation (ETF). It is part of the ETF's and Turkey's long-standing cooperation on policy reforms focused on human resources development and their contribution to economic and employment growth and social inclusion.

This workshop has been designed for Turkey’s Ministry of Labour and Social Security, related institutions and organisations including at regional and local level, stakeholders and experts to discuss school-to-work transitions of young people in Turkey, with a particular focus on those not in education, training or employment (NEETs).

The aim of this workshop is to provide, together with representatives from the European Commission and its specialised agency, the European Training Foundation, a forum for discussing systemic aspects of the NEET problem. The EU policy approach to NEETs will be presented, existing policies and practices in Turkey will be reviewed, and challenges discussed. The event will also provide the opportunity for reflection on future initiatives to address the NEET phenomenon in an integrative manner.

Key issues for discussion are the characteristics of NEET youth in the specific context of Turkey, the identification of institutional and other gaps in the pathways of school-to-work transitions and the potential ways and means to close these gaps. The potential of education, employment and social inclusion initiatives to holistically address the issue of NEETs will be explored from preventive, reintegration and compensation perspectives.

The discussion will be inspired by the EU Initiative on Youth Guarantee that calls for action to all EU Member States to ensure that within four months of leaving school or losing job, a young person is offered either a new job or learning opportunity. Experiences from the EU Member States will feature: Which type of structural reforms are required to improve youth transition from school to work and their employability? How can education, training and employment systems better interact to this end? How can youth furthest away from the labour market be reached through services and targeted programmes?

In order to advance further in the national context, the workshop will feature inspiring lessons and outcomes of ongoing Turkish initiatives at national and regional level (public and private). Finally, the workshop will explore options to expand or design new approaches and to harness the potential of EU IPA support, being at local, regional or central level.

The speakers will include officials, experts and researchers from Turkey, the European Commission, the European Training Foundation, the International Labour Organisation, the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, The World Bank and the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development. Relevant examples will be presented from selected EU Member States.

Over 100 participants are foreseen at the event including national and local authorities working in the area of education, employment and social inclusion, with a focus on local development agencies, social partners, business organisations, academics and researchers, non-governmental organisations and other relevant stakeholders.








Type of Event: Operational
Place: Ankara (Turkey)
Date: 11/18/2015
Topic(s): Lifelong learning; Employment; Governance of education and training systems
Project: WP15-40-18-EMPL
Organiser: Cristina Mereuta, Lida Kita, Mirella Rossi ;
Contacts: Cristina Mereuta, Lida Kita, Mirella Rossi;


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