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Torino Process: Moving Skills Forward

Torino Process 2013 event

The Torino Process, launched in 2010, is a biannual participatory analytical review of the status and progress of vocational education and training in the ETF partner countries.

The objective of the Torino Process is twofold:

  • to acquire up-to-date knowledge about the policies and their results in a country,
  • to strengthen the ownership, participation and evidence base of policy making to improve the performance in education and training systems.

In 2012, the second round of the Torino Process was implemented by 25 out of 31 ETF partner countries, involving multiple stakeholders at different governance levels and functions.

After several workshops, numerous consultations, data gathering and writing reports – the conference “Moving Skills Forward” in Turin on 8 and 9 May 2013 was an opportunity to show the results and discuss future actions.

The conference gathered participants from 30 ETF partner countries to share progress in identifying a path leading to ownership, efficiency, effectiveness and sustainability of the vocational education and training system.

The defining focus of the conference was on how reforms succeed. The participants tried to answer: 

  • how a reform issue were selected?
  • how the reform progressed through the policy-cycle phases - including implementation, monitoring and evaluation?
  • which institutions were engaged in the process - government agencies, non-governmental organisations?
  • how the ownership of the reform was ensured?
  • how capacity was developed to carry out the reform and make it sustainable?
  • what lessons can be learned to make future reform processes more efficient, effective and sustainable?

Type of Event: ETF general event
Place: Torino (Italy)
Date: 05/08/2013
Topic(s): Lifelong learning; Employment
Organiser: Manuela Prina, Laura Orlandi EXTERNAL ;
Contacts: Manuela Prina, Laura Orlandi EXTERNAL;

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