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Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Bosnia and Herzegovina is an upper middle-class economy, making strong progress in education, including through the VET Strategy (2015-2020) and development of a national qualifications framework (NQF) guided by participation in the European Qualification Framework (EQF) advisory group.
In 2015, representatives from all entities completed the drafting of a comprehensive skills development policy strategy. Progress is being made in entrepreneurial learning, through the implementation of the Small Business Act.
Progress has also been made in non-formal learning: a comprehensive training needs analysis was completed for SMEs in four economic sectors and capacity-building initiatives in business chambers such as the creation of databases showing business service providers that offer non-formal entrepreneurial learning.


• National Skills Strategy comprising prioritises: skills needs identification; skills system improvement; use of knowledge in change processes; skills links  between business and society; improving public institutions and public private partnerships
• Development of the National Qualifications Framework
• Adult learning
• Inclusive education

ETF’s role

• Support dialogue on NQF development, awareness raising and implementation issues among local and national stakeholders
• Expert input in preparations to reference NQF against the EQF.
• Support the finalisation and implementation of the skills strategy
• Skills identification, anticipation and forecasting processes
• Continuous professional development for VET teachers and trainers
•  Entrepreneurial learning (SBA assessment)
• Support to the European Commission and EU Delegation

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Vincent McBride
+39 (0)11 630 22 62

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