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Diversifying the economy beyond oil and gas production is a priority of the national development strategy - Azerbaijan 2020: Vision of the Future. Developing skills in the priority sectors of tourism, infrastructure, transport, agriculture, food processing, ICT, and construction, necessitates vital vocational education and training (VET) reform. In response, the Ministry of Education has declared VET a priority, increasing funding and launching the State Programme for VET (2015-2020). A VET Agency has been established, tasked with overseeing the programme’s implementation and coordinating donors. Optimising VET provision, management, teacher training and retraining has been a focus. Cooperation between relevant ministries and agencies as well as public, private, and institutional stakeholders is improving, while VET enrolments is on the rise, representing close to 20% of upper secondary students.


• Taking a multi-stakeholder approach in improving VET policy monitoring mechanisms
• Improving skills anticipation and matching, using regular labour market surveys and analyses to guide labour market policies
• Developing a National Qualifications Framework
• Increasing public-private funding, school autonomy and the teaching and learning environment

ETF’s role

• Provide expertise and input as requested by the EU Delegation to Azerbaijan, including through the European Union’s €19 million  Education  Support Programme
• Providing technical assistance in the development of the Azerbaijan Qualifications Framework
• Mapping work-based learning policies and practice through Skills Connexion project to inform future policy direction
• Supporting regional dialogue on skills anticipation and matching policies and tools through the Eastern Partnership Platform

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Margareta Nikolovska
+39 011 630 2226

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