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Armenia’s development strategy cites human capital as the country’s main asset. The strategy (ADS 2014-2015) cites education as a ‘key competitive advantage’ and the tool to promote an image of developed scientific and technological capacities. The aim is to increase employment by creating high quality, well-paid jobs, in industry, agriculture services and construction. However, the total share of educations spending remains low, representing around 2.25% of GPD. Vocational education and training is offered at 12 regional state colleges. The Ministry of Education increased grants for VET by 50%, leading to a slight increase in participation, however VET accounts for around 10% of all secondary education enrolments. A national training fund (2013-2016) is working to promote continuing vocational training. Meanwhile, the Armenian National Qualifications Framework (NQF) has been developed, with 34 qualification standards approved by sector skills councils. A pilot project has tested the validation of non-formal and informal learning for chefs.


• Implementing the NQF and extending the role of sector skills councils

• Facilitating the transition from school to work through improved partnerships between education and business and career guidance

• Enhancing monitoring of VET by identifying indicators to define quality, relevance, efficiency, and effectiveness with a focus on priority sectors
  ETF’s role
• Advising the development of a national career guidance policy
• Supporting the European Commission’s bilateral policy dialogue
• Supporting the EU Delegation in Yerevan in finalising the proposed budget support for vocational education (2017 – 2020)
• Mapping work-based learning policies and practice through Skills Connexion project to inform future policy direction
• Coordinating Small Business Act assessment and reporting of entrepreneurial learning and skills for business
• Supporting the EU-Armenian Mobility Partnership in the area of skills identification and anticipation

For more info, contact the ETF Country Desk: Vincent McBride
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