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Arab countries agree on new initiatives to tackle youth unemployment

Thematic Area: ; Employment; VET Governance
Year/Date: 28/09/2012

Make vocational education and training more attractive, improve the quality and inspire entrepreneurs. These key messages for action have been agreed by ministers and representatives of public and private sectors from eight countries in the Arab region and the ETF during a conference in Jordan on 25-27 September 2012.

Watch video: Madlen Serban, ETF director, recaps the results of ETF Policy Leaders Forum in Jordan

The debate confirmed the new inspiration which the Arab Spring has given to social and economic development in the region and well-educated and well-skilled citizens are fundamental for the region to be able to realise its full potential. During the discussions, countries recognised the need to widen access to vocational education and training and enhance its quality by bringing it closer to the demands of the labour market and the economy.

Although many countries have recently approved short-term emergency programmes for employment there is a need for long term measures based on demand, skills needs and initiatives for job creation in key sectors. In a final declaration from the conference on new challenges for skills development in the Arab countries, participants agreed to enhance access to skills development opportunities, to improve the transition from school to work, in particular for young women, and to further support entrepreneurial learning. It is also necessary to improve the image of vocational training by promoting the opportunities is the sector and by increasing its attractivesness through campaigns.

The policy debate in Jordan will be followed up by the Torino Process conference on 7-8 May 2013 in Torino, Italy.

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